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Monday, 14 February 2011

Wayne V.S Valentines day

Hello all, This is my first full day here in America for this visit and it is Valentines day.
Now the reason I put VS valentines day is because I see it as a challenge to go out there and make it the best day for Jennifer that is possible.

So here is what I got for her.

First I got her me, I flew over especially to get here for valentines day.
I also got her some roses, 12 roses to be exact. I'm not sure why they sell them in set amounts but oh well. and I also got here a little teddy bear holding three roses and a small love heart balloon that said "I love you" on it.

I actually didn't have the flowers till today but I used Jenn going to class to give me time to get her the roses. I took a trip to the the store and got her the roses, I couldn't believe just how warm it is here, apparently just the week before I got here there was snow so deep in Atlanta that it was completely covering cars and they had to close most of Dahlonega so I was lucky there. I couldn't really get the roses before today because the only chance I had before then was in England and I don't think they would have survived the journey.

We also went to our favorite restaurant the Kani house. We both love that place and we never leave feeling hungry. After the Kani house we went to the movies and saw the movie no strings attached. it was a very funny movie.
I am so very happy to be with my Jenn. I love her so much

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I am so thankful that we were able to spend Valentine's Day together this year again. I love you so much.