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Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Train tickets

Yesterday was my day off from work and I decided it would be the ideal time to go get my train tickets. I looked through the window and it was clear and sunny so I just slipped on my body warmer or as I call it my Armour, its only a thin thing with no sleeves but it has deep pockets and does keep me warm.

I knew that last time I booked mt train tickets they cost me 24 pounds but this time was gonna be different because there had been a VAT increase at the new year from 17% to 20% and I had 29 pounds so i knew it couldn't be much more but it also meant that the bus and tram fair had gone up and last time I had got on a bus the fair was around 2 pound 40 pence to the city center so it would cost me to much to get there and back on a bus because I was thinking it would have to be at least 2.80 after the VAT increase so I decided I would walk to town it was only around 6 miles I think.

So I set off with my passport and my money to the train station. I had to drop some movies off anyway so I walked to my store which I always walk to anyway and began the walk the rest of the way. It suddenly occurred to me just how cold it was my arms were freezing and I couldn't feel my face.

I finally got to the edge of the city center. Every time I go there do they change something but to be honest I don't go there to often. this time they had changed the way I had to walk to the train station, It ended up that I had to walk around the outside of the city center to get to the train station. and when I got there and was in the line for the tickets I suddenly thought...Hmmm what do I need, I couldn't remember what it was.

I had no I idea I tried to think but my mind was blank. Maybe I had brain freeze, it was cold enough out there. It was my turn , I approached the counter and I cant remember the exact words but it went something like. " Hello, I would like..I need a ticket for a train, I'm flying, No wait the plain is flying. Oh I need to get to the airport" Eventually we got it figured out and I got the ticket. Anytime ticket for 25.5o so I had enough money for a sandwich and a short ride on the tram back to the store that I work at. I got a few movies. the Town, Wall street, grown ups.

Just 12 days till I see Jenn now.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Well I'm glad it all worked out. I love you.