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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Update on the Turkey fillets.

Ok for those of you who read my previous post on the fillets I have some news.
Mom decided that today we would have a Chicken meal and was in the kitchen.

the way the house is layed out here is that the kitchen is right next to the stairs, and on the stairs we have a smoke alarm that always goes of when mom cooks a large meal, today it must have gone off three or four times, not because mom had burned the food but it just seems to go off when ever she cooks, Sorry mom if you ever read this I'm not saying your a bad cook.

So back on to the subject, I'm in the room and I am watching some TV when Mom shouts me and from the sound in her voice I get the feeling she has burnt something, so I jump up off the sofa and run in to the kitchen. Guess what she is holding in her hands, you got it the turkey Fillets that had diapered last night.

Mom suddenly remembered what she had done, She put them inside the oven instead of on the side to keep them away from the cat's and had completely forgotten about them. So all this time they were in the oven safe and sound and there was my mother saying I had moved them to wind her up. She even accused Sugar of trying to eat them, Sugar is a big cat but she could no way eat that much turkey in one sitting.

Well at least they have shown up now, mom next time you loose turkey fillets...Check the oven ha ha

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I am glad that you were able to find them.