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Monday, 14 February 2011

Made it safe, only just.

Well every body I am now it Atlanta with my Beautiful Jenn,
it has been a very long journey and one that hasn't gone quite as smoothly as I am used to.

As you all know about the second train going missing and having to catch a coach to the station, well that just seemed to set of a string of things that went wrong. but lucky for me this time it wasn't a pink plane.

So after waiting at the airport for a few hours, I finally get through to the gates where they said my plane would be leaving from, but before I boarded the plane i had to have a big breakfast.
It costs 9 pounds for this little treat, while it is very tasty, I could get enough food to last me three or four days with that amount of money, I don't know how airports or airlines can clam they have no money.

So eventually it says that it's time to board my plane but no where near the gate they told me originally, ohh noo this one is at the other side of the terminal...well two gates away but that's a long walk when your tired.

I board the plane and we get set for take off, we taxi to the end of the run way and get set for go.
The engines roar in to action and the plane thrusts forward but only a few seconds after this the plane seems to be slowing down quite rapidly. Suddenly it turns back off the runway and comes to a stop.

the pilot announces over the speaker that due to a electrical fault they had to aboart the take off and now had to do some checks on the aircraft. when he said this I felt my confidence in the aircraft take a dive. I half expected to drop out of the sky.. that's if we would ever even get in to the sky.

I started to try and think what could be wrong, a Electrical error, what could that mean. I started to think that any minute now a stewardess would come running down the isle with a light bulb. the plane started back up again and we turned back on to the runway.

This time the plane made it in to the sky and all the way to Atlanta.

thankfully without dropping out of the sky. so this is where mine and Jenn's fun begins and I will be writing about it every day so stay tuned and thanks for reading

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

I'm just glad you made it here safely. I love you.