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Saturday, 19 February 2011


Friday was a good day, it started as usual, Jenn went to class and I took a walk around and soaked up the sights for a while. When Jenn got out of class we went to Pizza hut, I love pizza hut and the size of the pizza's are massive, I could never eat the full thing to my self. Me and Jenn struggle to eat one between us, after the pizza we Watched Diary of a wimpy kid.
We also went to McDonalds and we just couldn't resist getting the kids meals just for the toys ha ha

While I was walking around Dawsonville I walked through a old cemetery, Well part of it was old and the other part was new. As I walked around it I got to thinking about just how precious life is and how short it can be, I saw some graves and some of the people only lived to be in their 40's.
That age is just 8 years away for me, I'm hoping to live a long time yet I will be happy to make it in to my 80's or even 90's and anything past that is a bonus.

Life is so precious and I think that at times every one can take it for granted, but the lessons of late make me relies that you must live and love every day. Sophie the cat died so suddenly, and I have friends who have lost people so unexpectedly. I'm sure that those people had no idea that the day they died would be their last. I guess the lesson is to live every day to the fullest and to love the people who you have in your life. You never know when it will be your or there last day.
Any way back to me and Jenn. So Jenn doesn't have class at the weekend so we are going to have a lot of fun. We plan to go see a movie and to go to lots of restaurants and take lots of pictures to put on here.

And oooohh yeah I got to tell you all a good story.
I got a free drink Curtsy of Dairy Queen.

while Jenn goes to here class I have some time to kill so I often go to a fast food and sit for a while and have a coke or a hot dog. I was at a Dairy Queen and I had to use the bathroom, So I go and while I am in there I notice some paper at my feet. It wasn't toilet paper or a hand towel, this had hand writing on it and when i picked it up to look at it, it was a check for a lot of money and it was a payment for rent . My first thought was that there is a police station just down the road, I could take it there and hand it in and maybe they could find the person some how.
On second thought the person could still be in the restaurant if I move fast I could catch them.

I rushed out of the bathroom and looked around, there must have been eight people in there. I decided the best thing to do was hand it to the staff behind the counter, when I did the lady Said thank you and that she was very great full. I think it was her's . I left the Dairy queen and had a walk around. I soon headed back there because they have wifi and I wanted to check my Emails and look on face book for a while. I looked how much money I had and I had just enough for a small coke. I walked in to the Dairy queen and I asked for a small coke with no ice. I noticed that the staff just behind were talking. The lady who served me said that there was no charge, I guess the check must have belonged to the staff behind the counter. I said thank you and sat and enjoyed my free coke.

Thanks Dairy Queen.


-stephanie- said...

Ooo Wayne, you're a hero!

Have a great weekend.

Jennifer said...

You are wonderful. I love you.