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Sunday, 18 July 2010

What me and my Jenn did today.

Me and Jenn never really plan a day, we just go wit the flow. I think it's nice that the day just happens rather than been scheduled, so here is what me and my Jenn did today.

We decided that we would have a late lunch at the Kani house,
Me and my Jenn love this place and the food is soooo good.
They even have the chef cook the food right in front of you .

They start you off with a soup and salad while you wait for the chef.

The salad is fresh and tastes great.

The Kani Rangoon, is awesome and it looks so cool, I almost didn't want to spoil the pattern by eating it but hey... I was hungry

These are the two dips they give you for the main course, I like the dip to the left best, meat tastes great when you dip it in either of these.

The chef comes around to the table and stands at the hot plate and does some amazing stuff with the spatula and knife. it's almost like been at the circus.

I never drop eggs but I wouldn't try that.

He also makes a real big flame that you can feel the heat from.


Here is my plate, I have eaten quite a bit her but it is so yummi I can't help but eat it.

After the Kani house me and Jenn went and saw my first 3d experience at the movie theater, I have seen 3d before but never at the movies, we saw toy story 3 and it was really cool. I highly recommend it for anyone.

Thanks for reading.


Morgan said...

I'm so happy to see that you and Jennifer are having such a great time together! It sounds like you two have been doing lots of fun things together. I'm looking forward to seeing you this weekend! Maybe we could do the pictures then.

Jennifer said...

I love going there with you. It's a lot of fun.