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Thursday, 15 July 2010

The heat is hot

This is now my 5th day here with my Jenn and things couldn't be better. We are both very happy and enjoying our time together as much as possible. The main thing that is tough to get used to is the heat here, even in the shade it's as warm as the hottest day I ever remember in England.

I am slowly getting used to it but I feel it will take a few more days yet, I have sun burn on my neck and arms and my face and I don't think that ever really happened in England. Jennifer copes with the heat so very well

The other day, I attempted to Jog, I think I made a mile and a half before I had to stop, I was thinking to my self I could do it with not to many problems, I picked the route that had the most hills mainly up hill. I started my Jog and everything was fine, as I carried on up the hill, I saw the first chance of shade from the sun, a group of trees.
I ran under the trees but the shade was not cool for me, it was as hot as England's hottest day.
This ment trouble for me , I carried on jogging and soon after began to feel not so good, there was no air to breath. after the mile and a half I had to stop.

I was right next to a store and I had promised Jenn I would get some water, I got a small bottle of water and walked the rest of the way. I think I will try and jog again on Monday, surely I will be ready by then.

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