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Wednesday, 14 July 2010

We are together

After nearly 40 hours of traveling, well 14 hours sat at the airport and a 9 hour flight and not to mention the one and a half hour train ride me and my Beautiful Jenn are at last together again.

I have waited so long to be with her and it is at this point in my life that I am the happiest I can be,
and while it as taken long months of hard work and a long journey it has been well worth it.

The train ride was smooth just like you would expect and the plane ride was very good until the last ten minutes of the flight, I was sat right at the back of the plane again and I think that it is far worse to be sat there that any other part of the plane, I could feel every little bump.

As the plane was coming in to land it felt like a roller coaster, the guy next to me grabbed my leg and I could feel my stomach turning. every time the plane moved. we landed at the airport and I got through customs and I was then straight to the baggage claim.

I saw Jenn straight away , she was waiting with Morgan and she had made a sign Saying Welcome Wayne with love hearts drawn on. I ran up and hugged her straight away, I didn't want to let go, I had missed her so very much, and every thing felt better now that I was with her again.

We got my bag from the baggage area after waiting nearly twenty minutes at the wrong area, and we headed for the door. now I thought it was fairly warm in England , and I was saying about how it was the warmest part if the year there, Morgan said "Wait till you get out side" I honestly thought to my self that it couldn't be so bad and then I stepped out and it was like I had stepped in to a oven, I could feel my ears burning and my neck getting hot, and this was only in a few seconds.

we went to the Blake's house and we sat and had a talk for a while, and then me and my Jenn headed back to her collage, an at the moment I am in my motel room typing this. every thing is so perfect and I am so very happy.

Thank you for reading.

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