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Monday, 5 July 2010

I just felt like writing.

I have been writing posts on my blog now since I can't even remember. I think that I have possibly covered every subject I can think of, from the completely insane stuff to the just dumb stuff and on to the quite humorous stuff.

Some times I feel like writing but there is no particular direction that my writing will go, I just get the urge to put pen to paper, or in this case fingers to keys and type away. I can't say that I am overly worried about what people will think about what I write but I am very thankful for anyone who takes the time to read what I have to say.

The time is currently 2:41 am and I am just laid on the sofa flicking through the channels and there is nothing on any of them. at the moment I am feeling very relaxed and I just felt like writing.
I am also in the back of my mind counting down to when I go see Jenn, that is always the highlight of my life. I love every second I am with her. I can't believe how fast it has come around, just 5 days now till I set off, Yahoo.

Well thank you to any one who may read this and I am sorry if it makes no sense what so ever, but like the title of this post says .... I just felt like writing

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