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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

When time runs out.

This was the last full day that me and my beautiful Jenn spent together until I come back in november (booking ticket on friday).

I always try and put to the back of my mind that time is running out until I have to go back to England. Every time I even let my self think about it I feel sad. We had so many great times while I was here this time and we are already planning what we will do in november. but I want more to write about the time we spend together now.

We love every miniute of the time we have together, I also forgot to mention that me and my Jenn went to see Hello Dolly the stage musical at the Holly thearter. I'm not really one for musicals but I loved this, it was really fun.

Tomorrow I won't have time to write a post but however I will write one when I get back to
England. I mostly want to write that I loved every second of my being with my Jenn and I can't wait till november, just 85 days and counting.

I love you my beautiful Jenn.

thank you for reading my post


-stephanie- said...

I'm sad that you two have to be apart. Glad you had a great time together. Safe travels.

Jennifer said...

I love spending time with you.