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Monday, 26 July 2010

Grown up's

Today me and my Jennifer moved some of her stuff out of her dorm room. Her dad came along to help and it was great to see him. after we had done moving some stuff around we decided we would go see a movie. The original choice was Dinner for shmucks but that doesn't show until the 30th of this month. so we made the choice to go see Grown ups, the show was starting in half a hour so we raced to the movies and got our drinks and watched the movie.

Now I must confess that I am a Sanfransisco 49ers fan through and through, and my Jenn went and got me a 49ers hat, anything with the 49ers on it I love.

I haven't laughed at a movie so much in a long time and Jennifer loved it too, I think that it has to go in my top ten movies of 2010 so far. apart from that we went to the waffle house earlier in the day and we had lunch at the Piazza a very nice Italian restaurant.

So while not to much happened it was yet another great day.

But I still have more pictures to show you all.

Here is me.

Here is my Jenn.

here is the hat that my Jenn got for me.

here is the spaghetti from the piazza.

Thank you for reading my post.


Bridget said...

Kyle and I went to see Grownups yesterday, too. That's what he asked to see for his birthday. It was HILARIOUS!!!

Jennifer said...

I really liked that movie! We'll have to watch it again once it comes on video.