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Thursday, 15 July 2010

We are under attack!!!

Me and Jenn both love sun sets and we also love to take pictures of sunsets, so we both rush to the top of a hill near my motel and take some pictures of the sun set every chance we get.

Today was no different we got to where we take our pictures and we waited, but this time we sat a Little closer to some bushes than we usually would, every thing seemed ok, Jenn was on the phone to hr mom and I was getting ready to take my first picture, I felt something touch my arm, I wasn't sure what it was so I just kept on with my picture taking

Next thing I know I feel the same thing but on two different parts of my arm, I look to see two mosquitoes getting ready for lunch, I didn't give them chance to byte me, I flicked them off before they could do any damage.

Jennifer had just finished on the phone and she had at least three of four of them sucking on her leg, She quickly swatted them away once she realised , but we wasn't sure just how long they had been there on her leg. Next thing Jenn says that here legs are itching like crazy, she goes and gets in the car and is now scratching her legs like a mad woman.

The itching quickly turns in to a burning sensation and she is in a great deal of pain, she is trying not to itch them now but I could see the bumps coming up on her legs , there was seven or eight byte marks on her legs and they were red and looked painful, we rushed to the chemist and got some kind off spray, at first it didn't seem to be helping matters but after about ten minutes Jenn started to feel better, I have never been attacked by a mosquito before but I plan not to any time soon.


-stephanie- said...

Awww man....no sunset pictures? What's a few mosquito bites compared to beautiful sunset pictures? I'm teasing. Those tiny pesky critters can make big trouble. Enjoy your time here in the USA.

Jennifer said...

That was the worst itchiness (yes, I know that's not a word) that I've had since I got ant bites watching a 4th of July parade in DC. I'm glad you were there to take care of me, though.