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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

sunset above the clouds

Well I am now back in England and I am quite tierd from all the traveling but mt will power is as strong as ever to start back at work and get back to my Jenn for October 31st, Jenn's birthday is on November 1st.

So any way, mine and Jenn's last few hours together were great but we were both sad because I had to leave, we got to the Airport and said our love yous and see you soons and then I Jenn had to go and I went to Check in, I still had a while to wait so I went back out side and took some deep breaths of air before heading in.
and with one last deep breath I walk in and go through security and to the gate where my plane waits, and I always take a look at the plane that I will be flying in.

I love to take pictures of the sun set from the air craft, I think that it's one of the best views of a sunset that you can get.

This was just as the sun was beginning to set.

there was a bit of turbulence here.

One of the best shows on earth and it's free. even though it is a perfect seat to watch the sunset, I just wish like crazy that Jenn could have seen it with me, I miss her so bad already.

I love you Jenn forever and ever.

Thank you for reading my post


The High Family said...

Beautiful pictures Wayne!

Glad to hear that you will be back in Jenn's arms in a few months. Speaking of Jenn- did she go private for good?

My son and I both have birthdays in November...it's a GREAT month to celebrate! :)

ps- if Jenn would like to add me to her blog, she can send an invite to high821 {at} gmail {dot} com


Jennifer said...

I would love to watch a sunset with you from the plane. I can't wait to go on a plane ride with you for the first time.

High Family-- It's not permanent. Just for a few days because I was worried someone had found it who I didn't want to.