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Sunday, 25 July 2010

The day of discovery

Today was a great day, and probably the best day of my life so far. I experienced two things for the first time.

The first was Tubing. I had never done it before and Jenn suggested it and so we gave it a go.
We got our tubes and were driven maybe a mile or two up stream and then left to tube back down. we strapped our tubes together and me and Jenn floated down stream. it was so good and I relaxing, apart from the three times I went completely in the river, I'm talking completely submerged. The water wasn't so cold so I didn't mind so much, I even got of my tube and had a swim in the river. I had so much fun I did manage to stab my foot with a stone from the bottom of the river that I had to pull out of my foot and I got a blister on my over foot. but I loved it and we even walked back up stream and went again. I didn't get to take to many pictures of this because I don't think that my camera would survive but here is the one picture I did take.

Shortly after the tubing me and Jenn decided to go for a swim in a swiming pool, we were wet any way so why not.

The second new experience for me was going to a place called Stone mountain. I had only heard of this place before and Jenn always told me how it was here favorite place so I just had to go with Jenn and watch a laser show there. Again I loved it, and we took our great friend Morgan who had been before and they both talked to each other about their camera while the show was getting ready to start. As soon as it was dark enough the show began. I also bought me Jenn and Morgan some flashing wires that you could wear, we had a lot of fun with those.

I took some pictures and here they are.

This is the face of stone mountain where the laser show takes place.

Here is me and my beautiful Jenn, Morgan took this picture, Thank you Morgan.

There are the flashing wires I bought.

when it went dark the laser show started.

And they ended the show with fireworks.

Like I said this was the best day of my life so far, I loved every second of it.

Thank you for reading my post


Bridget said...

I've been to Stone Mountain and loved it! Glad you all had such a great time!

The High Family said...

It sounds like you had an amazing day! Next time buy a waterproof disposable camera- I am sure you could get some awesome shots in the water! You and Jen look so adorable together-- so happy you are having a great time! :)

Jennifer said...

That really was one of the best days ever. I love you so much!