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Saturday, 17 July 2010

We saw Eclipse

I'm not referring to a solar eclipse I'm talking about the twilight movie saga.
First we went to the Waffle house and I had some bacon and eggs with toast, yummi.
We then wondered round for about a hour and then..we went and saw the Twilight Eclipse movie.
Now when it comes to these movies, I guess you could say that I kinda liked the first one, it had promise to be a good story, the characters were interesting and the story was ok, I would have given the first twilight a generous 5 out of ten.

as for New moon, I can honestly say that I have been working with movies at blockbuster for nearly ten years, I see at least 8 new movies a week. New moon has to be one of the worst movies I have ever seen, from begging to end nothing happens, the actors are cardboard, Edward the star from the first movie is in it for about 12 minutes in total...yeah 12 minutes out of 2 and a half hours of nothing, the wolfs are seen in for about 1 minute and 40 seconds in total and the rest of the movie is just nothing but bella and her feeling depressed and sorry for her self.
New moon I gave a 2 out of ten.

but the Eclipse movie had a hint of promise to it, there was a better story and even some action.
but again it did drag on in a lot of places and there were parts that I felt just didn't add to the story. but you do get to see a lot more of the werewolves and even some fighting scenes.
I would give this one a 5 out of ten.
so apart from the movie me and Jenn did some baking today, and we were able to spend the entire day together as Jenn didn't have any classes.
there has also been some thunderstorms today, I do love them though, I think there is something magical about seeing them .

We really had a great day, and here are some pictures of our days previous to this one.

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Jennifer said...

I love spending the day with you.