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Friday, 2 July 2010

One week to go.

I am so excited I can barley contain my self, there is only one week to go now till I set off to see my Jenn.

Today was my last payday before I go to see my beautiful Jenn, and I went to the shopping center and made sure I had all the things I will need I got a new bag, the biggest I could find, every time I go to see my Jenn I get a new bag because the old one has travel damage. When I say travel damage I mean stuff like a broken handle or a zip that has broken open under the strain.

I also got a new razor and shaving cream. I have done my travel authorisation and I am all set, but I keep feeling the urge to go over everything, I cant let my mind relax over this matter and I am like it every time I go to see my Jenn, I am always going over my flight details and my documents to make sure I have everything, I even have my travel trousers that have lots of pockets and I each pocket has a assigned set of items.

I even catch the train before the last train just in case the last train gets cancelled or breaks down, at least this way if the train I am on breaks down I have one to fall back on. I like to have a back up plan for most things that I do. While some people may think I am over cautious I think it's always better to have a plan B just in case.

Now All i have to do is wait for the seven days to roll by and I will be on my way to be with my beautiful Jenn. I can't wait to be with her and I know that the time we have will be perfect.

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