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Sunday, 11 January 2009

Its starting to get embarrassing

Let me start this blog by introducing all of you to Melissa. She is the cat to the left in this picture and is one of five cats I live with.

Every animal has their own little personality and Melissa has such a loving personality she always cleans her sister and 0ften sits beside me as I type a blog or watch tv.

Now the reason I am writing this blog is the habit or should I say duty Melissa has taken upon her self over the last few months.

It all started about three months ago, I had just gotent in from work and I had taken off my wooly hat and placed it on the hanger along with my coat. About ten minutes later I was sat in the room with my mother and we both heard a howling sound. We looked at eachother as the howling got closer, suddenly my mother bursts out in laughter I say "Whats so funny". In comes Melissa with my hat firmly grasped in her mouth and howling like a wolf. She jumps up on the sofa and places the hat on the sofa and lays on it and falls asleep.

Now that was so innocent and I had to laugh she looked so cute.
But all the innocent kitten stuff has taken .. well shall we say a embarrassing turn for the worst.
Last month That same howling sound that me and my mother had heard started again. I fully expected that Melissa would come trotting in the room with my hat again.
This time in she comes with a t-shirt in her mouth and draging behind her. Up on the sofa she jumps and falls asleep with it still in her mouth.

Two weeks ago, same howling sound and this time it's a pair of my best socks. Up on the sofa she jumps again on the sofa and asleep she falls.

Just last week I'm on the sofa and all of a sudden I hear the dreaded MMEOOOOOOOOWWWWAAAWWWWAAWWWWOOOOWW!!!!!.
In the room trots guess who? Melissa, I expect her to come in with another sock or maybe my hat again. From behind the door walks Mellisa and to my horror she has a pair of my underwear in her mouth I nearly died of embarassment.

Over the last few days I'm finding socks and underwear all over the house I guess that I will have to take a laundary bin in to my room and lock the door while I'm out of the house from now on.

I hope that she gets out of this habit soon.


-stephanie- said...

what a sweet cat. she must love you a lot to sleep on your underwear.

Jenn said...

I think it's really funny that she does this. You'll have to get a picture of it.

Scientific Lutheran said...

THAT'S AWESOME! I love when cats do stuff like that!

Mine in named Howler, for his tendencies to stand outside my bedroom door and HOWL. Loudly. And for several minutes. Usually at around 4AM.