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Monday, 26 January 2009

Not me! Monday

THis blog carnival was created by Mckmama
You can head over to her blog an find out what she and everybody els has not been doing this week.
Not me Monday was introduced to me by my beautiful Jenn who does some of the greatest blogs around.

Well what a week it has been another busy week in my life and yet again I have been on my best behavior.

Now lets get a few things straight here, there are some things I would just never do cough cough.

I would never ever eat the ice cream that a mormon had left in my freezer not knowing if he had left it for me or had put it there for next time he came round that would be so wrong.

And I did not have to hide all my underwear just so Melissa wouldn't come troting down stairs with them again.

when a customer came in to the store and asked if we was closed I did not say yes we are and wait till they had left the store to run out after them to tell them we were still open for another three hours. that would just be silly of me.

And when a customer asked if I could tell them where the movie deja vu was I did not ask them if they had asked me that before.

and I did not just sneeze and all the snot fly on to my laptop screen. that would just be eeeeeeewwww

and there is no way I would teel a customer jokingly that he had a 75 pound charge on his acount and watch his jaw hit the floor befor telling him I was joking. I mean they would start thinking I have a sense of humour at work. I'm way to serious for that.

and I did not feed melissa a cornflake or two with my mom yelling at me to stop because it would give her the poop's.

and I didn't have a argument with a 7 year old about who is the best between spiderman and superman. I am way to mature for that kinda stuff P.S Superman rules I mean seriously spiderman can't even fly.

well thats my not me monday for this week I hope you all enjoy.

I also invite every one to take part in Tribute tuesday
A chance to make a loved one feel special for a day


Jenn said...

That was hysterical, Wayne! Don't tell anyone, but yours are my favorite ;) The snot thing was a bit TMI...

-stephanie- said...

Your not me's are always so funny.

I guess the sneezing snot is being brutally honest. thanks for sharing.

Samantha said...

Ewww about the snot!

I love the telling the customer you were closed one, sooo something I would do!

Sarah said...

I've never had the spiderman arguement, BUT I have been lectured to death about Spiderman.

Good "Not Me" Monday

scrap fairy said...


karina said...

I totally agree with you, SUPERMAN rules!! (especially when played by Dean Cain in the New Adventures of Superman, of which I do not have the dvd set)

You're hysterical! I SO do not love to run into pranksters like you when out an about because you make life more fun, not me!

My husband did not buy me special computer wipes because I sneeze so often on my laptop screen. Bwahahaha!

Thanks for the laugh.

Mary Teresa said...

Senses of humor are WAY overrated. As is a developed sense of sarcasm =D Happy Not Me Monday!

PS...Spiderman doesn't need to fly. He's doesn't want to make Superman look bad.

Jennifer said...

And when a customer asked if I could tell them where the movie deja vu was I did not ask them if they had asked me that before.

I SO WOULD NEVER DO THAT MYSELF! :-) Last week .. when I woman I worked with said her ears were giving her trouble ... I so did not say "I'm sorry could you repeat that. I couldn't hear you."


Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

Very funny. I'll give Tribute Tuesday a try. I also have to tell you, my Dad's name was Wayne Jackson.

Juls said...

You are tooo funny. Great "Not Me's"

Ashley said...

Super Funny!

I have fed my cats pizza, mac and cheese, and bread so a few cornflakes won't hurt! ;-)

Mandy and Jack said...

HA!! I loved the "And when a customer asked if I could tell them where the movie deja vu was I did not ask them if they had asked me that before." Very clever. And I agree with you - Superman is WAY better than Spiderman.

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Pam said...

Thank you for your comment.

Spidey who? Great not me's. My mom is the one always slipping my puppers food she should not have.

What fun is it to work with the public if you can't have some fun. What fun is it to work with the public if you can't have some fun.


heidi said...

Great list!! Thanks for stopping by my place!

Samantha said...

Thanks for popping in at my blog =)
Got a tad confused! It seems the comment went to a different post...strange!

I sure would be interested in Tribute Tuesday...bring on a funky thing for everyday of the week!!

PS. my boyfriend is ok after his fall, though he deserves no sympathy, he apparently could have stopped himself falling but "couldn't be bothered"...weirdo! I laughed sooo much though!

Lisa said...

Great Not Me's! I am going to do the tribute tuesday... sounds great!

Lane said...

Dude!! Thanks for a First 5 list. (Week after next) Awesome. I might be involved on the tribute Tuesday, but my question is...does it have to be a family or friend? I have an idea for a certain sports figure here in the states that is inspiring.

Will that do?

E said...

Okay, the Deja Vu part was the best! Did the customer "get it"?

ha ha ha

Following Him said...

HILARIOUS Wayne...your at it again :) Love the honesty this week!

pam said...

Did the customer come back in after you ran after them?? Too funny.

Have a great week.

Kimber said...

OMG that was so stinking funny. Way to go with the ice cream. What is it with animals and underwear?

Superman rules!!

blissfullysimple said...

snot on the laptop, LOVE IT!

Veronica Tyler said...

You should probably have some ice cream ready. We Mormans always come back. :)