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Sunday, 4 January 2009

I'm confused

Ok like the title says I'm confused, and maybe this blog is a bit pointless but I'm gonna write it anyway.

I was quite amazed over the past few weeks over the looming recession and how it seems to be affecting everything or at least that's what the papers and news say. Woolworths and M.F.I two retail giants have both had to close due to the so called credit crunch thousands of people have lost their jobs.

Now I guess what really gets me is the fact that England is struglling just like all the other countries. Small businesses are closing because there just isn't enough money to keep the small businesses that are struggling open.

Now I'm not sure if anyone knows or cares about the machine that they finished building last year that aparently will determine where and how the universe all began. It cost the country 14 billion to make. Now I think that with all the facts and figures they get that the even at that point when they were building the machine they could see there was going to be a recession. But they still spent all that money on a machine to findout somthing that happend gasillion years ago.

Just last month the machine broke "AGAIN" and cost so many millions to fix it. Where has this money suddenly come from? Nevermind that but why aren't they spending it on something more important like getting us out of this recession.

No one really cares about what happend years ago when the earth was made or at least they don't at the moment, what they do care about is having a job to go to tomorrow.

So there it is my grumble for this week lol

1 comment:

Jenn said...

You make a lot of very good points. Let's just hope you can keep your job.