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Saturday, 17 January 2009

Why do they?

Some times there are certain questions that arise in my mind.
Questions that seem impossible to answer.
Things that just don't make sense to me.
Here are a few of them.

1. Why does the toilet water go clockwise in the northern hemisphere
and anti clockwise in the southern?

2. Why does music never sound as good when the volume is low?

3. If people really think they can fly then why don't they fly from the path to the rooftop of a building?

4. Who decides how much money is worth?

5. has anybody ever seen a baby pigeon?

6. If the world is warming up then why will it end in a ice age?

7. Why in movies when the bad guy get shot they die straight away but the good guys take hours?
and why are the good guys always better aims?

8. If Alexander Graham Bell invented the phone, then who did he call?

9. Here is a trick one, A cowboy rides in to town on Friday, he stays at the saloon hotel for two days, he rides out again on Friday. How did he do that?

10. Why do ghosts never appear in the day?

Any answers then please leave a comment


-stephanie- said...

Question #9, answer. His horses name was Friday.

My husband asked me that question before we were married. We were not even dating yet. I answered correctly and he knew right then that I was to be his bride, cuz I was so smart. HA

Lane said...

I love your question number three. I am wondering why I never wondered that.

Number 6 is for those who thrive on gloom and doom. Our guy Al Gore has won a peace prize by spouting that..even though from what I understand the earth is actually cooling slightly.

Number 8 is Thomas Watson for the first call...and then, according to legend...he dialed a 900 number and talked to a girl named Sheila for $2.95 a minute.

Jenn said...

very interesting questions baby