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Saturday, 31 January 2009

I think it should be the law

Now as the entire world probably knows by now I work at Blockbuster video.
I have worked there for ten years and There is one thing that has always made me wonder.

Now this is a bit complicated to explain so I'll do my best to make it as understandable as possible.

Now one off the contributors to the way some kids behave today I think is that they see all these things in the movies or on games. For example men fighting and heads getting chopped of in a movie all about drugs and cars.

Or a game where the objective is to steal a car, run over ten cops kill a sheep and be home in time for cornflakes.

Now in the store that I work a lot of the parent's rent these games and movies for there kids I have seen it so many times the kid is about 8 and the game is rated 16. At 8 years old children are so influenced by what they see and usually are still unsure about what is right and wrong.

Now if a man or woman was to walk in to a store and buy a can of beer for a 8 year old that would be pretty bad and that's why there was laws passed to stop that from happening Because it is harmful to the child.

I think that games and movies can be just as harmful but in a influential way and over a longer course of time but there is no law to say that I can stop the parent or adult from renting the game. even though I know that 8 year old child is going to be playing a 18 year old's game.

So my point is I think there should be a law that says that if we believe that the person is renting a movie or game for someone who is younger than that age then we should reserve the right to refuse them.

In my eyes it's still giving the child a harmful thing.


Jenn said...

I agree with you baby, but I just think it would be very hard to make this a law. It's too bad, though, because kids' parents should be influencing their children in healthy ways, not harmful ways.

Following Him said...

Um...I SO AGREE! Parents want to be friends and their job is to protect their kiddos!

-stephanie- said...

It's nice to see that at least you care about these kids. Seems like their parents don't.

Ray, Brandi and Our Girls said...

You have a very good point.

Amanda said...

I totally agree. The whole rating system in itself is skewed... PG still includes some sex, some bad language, and some drugs. Just sad.

Next time you see it, try saying a prayer for the child, that God will shield their eyes and protect their heart...

Many blessings-