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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

I'll burn in hell for this one.

I had to write this blog because it's such a funny story, well at least now it is.

It all started yesterday afternoon when the Mormons came to visit my mom and me. Elder Barfuss had brought a cake and some ice cream to celebrate his birthday with us.
We all sat and had a piece of the cake and ice cream and myself and Elder Barfuss washed the dishes after.

After finishing the washing up Elder Barfuss asked me if he could put the rest of the ice cream in the freezer and I said sure. About half an hour later, the Mormons left the house and I wished them both goodnight.

It gets to about 1:30 am and I am hungry so I go look in the cupboards and there's nothing I fancy to eat. Next thing I look in is the fridge there's some cheese and sandwich spreads but nothing that really grabs my attention. I look in the freezer and there it is-- the ice cream in all its glory looking so tempting. I can hear it singing Wayne come and eat me ooohhhhh Wayne come and eat meeeeee.

I can't resist I run to the kitchen and grab a spoon and am at the freezer taking a huge scoop of the ice cream before I even know whats going on. I put the ice cream in my mouth and it tastes so so so gooooooood. I sit on my sofa licking the spoon and thinking just how nice it was and how nice it was of Elder barfuss.... wait a minute... Oh no! I think to myself.

I just took a scoop of ice cream that wasn't even mine and to make it worse it was a man of God that I had taken it from. Suddenly I see Satan and his little imps dancing around me laughing. I feel terrible I tell my Jenn what has happend and tell her about how bad I feel, she says "And so you should feel bad".

At this point I'm convinced there is a place reserved in Hell for me.
Now I can just imagine Satan sitting on the sofa next to me looking at me and winking.

This morning I woke up and the first thing on my mind is how guilty I feel. All day long I'm thinking about this scoop of ice cream I had stolen from the Mormons.
I get to work and the guilt overtakes me I pick up the phone and call Elder Barfuss.

He answers the phone and I tell him about my terrible sin. He goes quiet, suddenly I hear laughing. I ask what's so funny. He says "Wayne I left the ice cream there for you and your mother to eat". the sense of relief fills my mind and we both have a good chuckle at what had happend.


Jenn said...

You really should feel badly!

Robin said...

Hi Wayne!
I love it! I hope that you are having a Great week!

Veronica Tyler said...

Very nice!