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Friday, 9 January 2009

What a blogging week.

Well this week has been one of those weeks where not much has gone right.

It all started on tuesday morning, Mom woke me up complaining that the channels on the tv were acting strange. I head downstairs and I see that all the usual channels are saying , sorry you are not subscribed to this channel please call Sky.

I switch off the sky box and turn it back on again, that seems to fix the problem and I head to work. about a hour in to my shift I get a call from mom and she says that they are goingf to cut us off because of a unpaid bill from last month.

Then comes the bad news they are going to cut off my internet at some point. I ask my mother when and she dosn't know so I think it won't be till atleast the end of the week and I just signed up for talk talk wich was going active on the ninth so it wouldn't be so bad. I would only have to go a day at tops.

I jogg home after work and and do my usual get in the shower and go down stairs. I turn my laptop on but there's no internet I look at the modem and there is a red light on there. I phone sky and they say that the internet has had a block put on it. I try to talk them round but they just wouldn't bend to my will.

So I would have to go a whole three days without my internet and without been able to see my Beautiful Jenn. I know it's only three days but that is a life time when you can't do somthing you really enjoy and not been able to see my Jenn was the worst part.

Apart from that I had to go to a funeral so lots of fun there. Well the good thing is that I have the internet back and the tv and I am so happy to be writing my blogs again so all you people who read it can... well erm read my blog lol


Jenn said...

I know it's been a very hard week for you, but just remember I'll always be here for you no matter what.

Kimber said...

Sounds like a crummy week to me. We had a funeral this week as well. I would die without my internet also. So happy you're back on.

ash said...

bummer! hope you have a great weekend and things get better this week!

Debi! said...

Thanks for visiting my postcard blog... hope your week goes better...this week!

Take care, and visit often!

Hey to this "Jenn" in your life...
She sounds wonderful!!!
In fact, I am off to see her dove blog!

debi ...dmriceart on etsy!