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Friday, 30 January 2009

Blog Awards


Kimber at Kimber's space Gave me this award so thank you Kimber!!

Here are the rules for these awards:

1). List 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!

2). Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap.

So here are ten honest things about me

1) When I was young I would place every one of my toy's in front of the TV so they could watch the movie with me and I would always know if any had been moved.

2) I once stood out side a store asking passers by they would give me the money for the bus ride home. after they had given me the money I would go straight in to the store buy a box of matches and light a fire that I had pre built in the woods

3) I once broke my mothers favorite ornament playing indoor golf . I told her that I had tripped and fallen on it.

4) I once bought my stepfather a card that said = God loves you but everybody else thinks your a wanker. Please forgive the bad word.

5) I was really ill as a child I had asthma and eczema and was rushed to the hospital on several occasions with white foam coming out of my mouth eeewww.

6) I once got a piano foot stuck down my ear and had to go to hospital to have it taken out.

7) as a baby I swallowed the ink ribbon from a type writer . My mom took me to hospital and they took a picture of me with the retrieved ink ribbon tied around me with a pretty little bow.

8) I once met Darth Vader at a video store he was promoting the star wars movies. while all the other kids were meeting and greeting him I was screaming crying and running for my life. Mom had told me that he was going to take me away on his space ship if I was bad. and to top it off he saw me crying and picked me up to comfort me. I nearly screamed the place down.

9) I went to boarding school.

10) I have three nieces and I am about to be a great uncle twice.

The 7 people I pass this award on too are

1 = My beautiful Jenn

2 = Morgan Blake

3 = Stephanie

4 = Andrew Pope

5 = Lane

6 = Robin

7 = Tricia


Lane said...

Sounds cool...I thank you for the award and I will get my ten things out within the week. (probably weekend), Thanks, Wayne.

---Lane (SD)

Jenn said...

Wow! I'm so surprised you gave me this! You're not the least bit partial, either ;)

Robin said...

How fun! I never win anything...I feel so honored! I am now working on it. The only glitch is I don't have seven people to pass on this honor...I will have to find me some more friends! LOL Thank you Wayne! Have a great weekend!

Morgan said...

Thanks so much, Wayne! I will probably end up writing mine tomorrow. I loved learning more about you!

Andrew Pope said...

Thank you for this award...there are so many people that i would like to thank who made this award possible....lol...yeah that darth vader is one scary dude, I would have probably peed my pants in the store

-stephanie- said...

How nice. Thanks for the award. I'll be working on it.

It's nice to be able to get to know blog friends a little more.

Kimber said...

OMG Wayne you are hysterical

Samantha said...

Look at you getting awards and everything!!

You are so funny, made me laugh like a mad-un!

Jenn said...

I posted my link


Lana said...

This looks like a fun post. I enjoyed reading it. It was funny!