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Sunday, 24 May 2009

I love my Jenn

I Just thought I would talk about my Jenn in this blog and just a few of the things that make her special

My Jenn is the meaning of perfect to me, I love the way she smiles and I love to hear her laugh.
She has the most amazing laugh every time I hear her laughing I feel so happy.

I love my Jenn's eyes I love looking in to her eyes, she has such amazing blue eye's.
Blue like a ocean that I could spend the rest of my life swimming in.

My Jenn has the most beautiful face I have ever seen, every inch and detail of her face is perfect to me.

My beautiful Jenn has the greatest personality I have ever come across. She always has a smile for me and I love her more than life its self.

I love you my beautiful Jenn


Jennifer said...

That was so sweet of you thank you for writing it. You are the most special man alive to me.

-stephanie- said...

You two are so sweet. I love seeing the love you two have for each other. So special.

Alex the Girl said...

I wish I knew you guys well enough to ask when you were planning on residing on the same continent (I know I spelled that wrong) permanently?

Jillien said...

Y'all are too cute )