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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Im back!!!

After many days without the Internet I am Back online.

I acquired a usb modem and I get 15 gigs allowance a month which I think should be more than enough.
even though before it was unlimited it was in my mothers name, this way me and my Jenn don't have to rely on anyone els now . we have our own Internet. I am so glad to have it back and thank you so much to all my followers that have stayed with me. I am so thank full to you all I truly love to read each and every one of your comments.


Jennifer said...

I'm so so so glad you're back online! I've missed being able to see you. Oh, and you forgot to mention how this was all your evil mother's fault.

-stephanie- said...

Welcome back. Your humor was missed.

That sweet mother of yours is evil?

Lisa said...

I wondered where ya had been. Thought I just missed Tell a joke Tuesday on my dashboard or something! Jen better watch out or your evil mom will run over her in her shopping cart! LOL

Natalie said...

Welcome back!!!

Samantha said...

Good to see you back!!

Silently, secretly laughing at Jennifer's comment ^^