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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

A man's point of view

OK so today I guess one thing that concerns me and indeed the world is the threat of a nuclear war. I know this is kind of a odd subject to talk about but it is one subject that does scare me, I really don't think that man is responsible enough to harness such power and especially one man even if he is the leader of a country. If they were really responsible then the weapons would never have been made in the first place.

They all say that they only have them as a deterrent, to stop the other country's from using them. How silly is that it's like saying I wont use my car if you don't use yours when maybe we should be leading by example.

There can be no winners in a nuclear war no victory only degrees of loosing.
If one country fires the other country fires back both country's are done the survivors have nothing.

There would be no electric or clean water we would go in to nuclear winter.

should that kind of power be in any ones hands? I think not
I hate any kind of war, there's never a winner in a war only victims.

I truly believe that the world should ban the use of all nuclear weapons before nuclear weapons put a ban on us.

Well that's my point of view for today.

p.s Tomorrow is Honor them Thursday


Jennifer said...

It's very scary how much power some countries/people have.

Alex the Girl said...

It's not necessarily the power of the country but more the man behind the power. All it takes is one crazed dictator. Imagine nuclear power in the hands of another Hitler, Stalin, so on...it only takes the belief that you, above any other, are right, and that what you believe is the only road to truth. Madmen behind the power. Very scary indeed.