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Thursday, 28 May 2009

A man's point of view

Welcome to my mans point of view for this week.

Well it's been all over the news so I guess I may as well talk about it

North Korea

I mean what the hell are they playing at, testing nuclear weapons firing test missiles.
Either they are trying to send a message or make a statement. but I truly believe that what they are doing is a act of lunacy. It is scare tactics in fact I dare say terrorism in a sense, just like a bully will throw his weight around to get what he wants that's what it would appear Korea is doing.

They did this a few years ago when they wanted something and now they are doing it again, but why? what would drive a country to be so ruthless in it's actions. why are they so determined to build a nuclear arsenal?

Do they even realise what monsters they would become if they used one of those things?
there are far better ways to get attention than this path of threats and war that they are choosing.

if they need aid in some way why don't they come back to the six party's talks surly a world acting together can achieve more than a country standing alone.

Well that's my point of view for today

please let me know how you feel on my point of view


Jennifer said...

I do think it's very scary. I just try not to think about it too much.

Alex the Girl said...

Ah, Wayne. I wrote about this yesterday. After watching CNN, I was so angry and frustrated that I just came in here and wrote. Then I decided to save that post and publish it, maybe, at another time when I was less angry and frustrated. What gets me about this thing is this: Think about all war...past and ongoing and the people it is truly affecting. IT's not the countrys that are fighting against each other, it's the people that are living in the area where the war is being fought. The higher ups don't think about how this war affects them. It is so much like a game of I'm bigger and better than you are, let me prove this by killing some of your people. During WW I and WW II, do you honestly think the farmer living day to day wanted a bunch of soldiers from every possible land you can think of coming on HIS land killing HIS animals and burning down HIS home? Was his leader worried about him? No, just his own political agenda. The true people of these nations, and I mean all of them, just don't count. Just think about how the "real" people of N. kOrea, S. Korea, Japan, and, yes, the United States, are feeling right about now. Some guy who isn't going to be physically feeling any of the affects of his decision is basically making the decision that will affect them all.

What a jerk.