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Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Tell a joke Tuesday

Welcome to TELL A JOKE TUESDAY were you can tell your jokes or funny stories and make the world laugh.

Here are my jokes for this week

God creates Adam and the garden of Eden, God says to Adam "Adam my son I Have given you two gifts." Adam asks what his gifts are? and God tells Adam that as his first gift he has given Adam a brain and with his brain he will be able to think great thoughts and over come problems.
The second gift that God gave Adam was a penis and that with this second gift Adam would be able to have great pleasure and give wemon great pleasure.
Adam says "Wow thankyou God for these great gifts" God says "Adam my son you are welcome, but however Adam there is a catch" Adam asks what's the catch? and God replies " I am only giving you enough blood in your body to control one at a time".

patient = Doctor Doctor I feel like a deck of cards
Doctor = Go away Ill deal with you later

well those are my jokes for this week I hope you all enjoy

please feel free to take part in tell a joke tuesday, wether its your joke or a friends joke or even from a website I dont mind .


Alex the Girl said...

Ah, ha ha ha. Those were awesome, esp. the first one.

Jillien said...

LOL! Loved them ;)

Jennifer said...

I was about to write that the first one is so true...but you're my man, so I'd be insulting you ;)

Lisa said...

Where is Mr. Linky? LOVED the jokes! Here is mine!