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Saturday, 2 May 2009

Internet trouble and a mans point of view

Hi to all my readers

Just a quick note to let you all know that I am having a little problem with my Internet provider which I have now sorted out but I wont have the Internet until Wednesday.

I will still be able to post blogs though because I have borrowed a usb Internet thingy from a neighbour.

I thought I would do a quick mans point of view while I am online to keep you all busy while I am getting things sorted out

So here goes

A mans point of view

Again this is a point I feel strongly about

I read in the paper the other week about a woman who had got divorced and had won a settlement from her husband of I think it was in the region of 9 million dollars or something like that.

Now what got me is that she then said that that is not enough for her to live on.
Does she realize that some people, myself included probably wont see a million dollars in their life time unless they are very lucky never mind 9 million, and she is complaining because she doesn't have enough money.

it really annoyed me that she could say that when there are people who in the world who wonder when they are gonna eat next, I could understand if they said to her that she only got maybe like 100 dollars but 9 MILLION!

If I had that much money me and My beautiful Jenn and one day our kids would be set for life.
I'm pretty sure I could live of a half of the interest once a month.

well that's my point of view for today

Got a point of view on my point of view?
please let me know in my comments.


Jennifer said...

Yeah, I could definitely live on that!

Jillien said...

i agree. nine million would definitely be enough!!


lisaschaos said...

I'm agreeing with you! I think I could live the rest of my life extremely happy on that!

Straight to Your Hart said...

I totally agree...I can't even fathom that amount. Thanks for expressing your opinion..AMen!!

Alex the Girl said...

Shoot, Wayne, that's not just a man's point of view! I totally agree. Poor thing. Nine million just isn't enough these days. Pah.