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Sunday, 17 May 2009

One of those days

I think that today was one of those days where I should have just stayed in bed.
It all started this morning with a bang bang bang at my bedroom door Followed by my mother yelling"Wayne!, CHURCH!

I jumped up I must have been really tired because I didn't hear my alarm clock go off. I got in the shower and rushed so I wasn't late for church. I got out of the shower and ran in the bedroom, I looked at the clock and it said 8:25am. Hang on a minute that clock must be slow I thought to my self. I looked at my phone and that said 8:27am. That was strange I set my alarm for 8:am I was confused then it dawned on me, my mother had done it again. She had woke me up before my alarm. I couldn't believe almost a full hour before it was due to go off, is there anything more annoying?

at church one thing I always was worried about was that they would have me say opening prayer so what should happen? I'm sat in the front row and the teacher says "Wayne will you say the opening prayer"? I say "Who me"? and he says "Yeah".
I feel every pair of eyes looking at me I lower my head and close my eyes and say a prayer hoping I don't mess up. I finish and say Amen I look up and every body is smiling I guess I did a good job phew lol

I got home from church and had about 25 minutes before I had to set off for work. I talked to my Jenn on my laptop for as long as I could, and Then I called her on my phone so I could talk to her as I walked to work. I set off and I got about 50 yards from the house and I felt a spot of rain. Suddenly the heavens opened up and I got soaked, it was the kind of rain that bounces of the floor and and causes massive puddles in seconds I got to work and I was completely soaked through. I had to work in a wet uniform and my socks were wet and I got blisters on my toes.

I got my phone out of my coat and it was wet and stopped working. I now have my phone on life support/charge in a hope it will make a full recovery.
Work was none stop and for the first hour my shoes were making that squelching sound that shoes make when they are wet.

Well I guess it was one of those days


Samantha said...

Boy, oh, boy, did it rain this morning aye?!

Following Him said...

Oh my goodness...what a day! You sure have mad skillz (or practice) to shower that quick! Hope tomorrow is much better!

Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry you had such a bad day. Don't worry though cuz tomorrow will be better for sure :)