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Thursday, 7 May 2009

A man's point of view

I have what I would consider to be a interesting point for you all to consider today in my mans point of view.

As you all know I have spent the last several days without the Internet and it got me thinking, could today's society survive without technology?

if you take in to account all the things we do that rely on electricity or gas or some kind of technology in so way.
if you go back millions of years to the first men and women who had nothing, could we today survive like that?

I have seen the chaos it can cause when a square mile looses power for a couple of hours, it's chaos.
I just think it's really interesting how I can ofte
n take for granted that I flick a switch and the light comes on or I use my phone and there will be the voice at the other end.

Now try and imagine that those things don't exist, no light, no phones, no cars or buses or boats or planes.

Just thinking about it scares me, where would we be without these things?

would we adapt if it was suddenly taken away?

would it lead to our doom?

that's my point of view for today


Alex the Girl said...

On the flip side, if we lost all of that technology, the thread of global warming would soon go away, being on the edge of nuclear war would soon go away (yes, I know war and fighting wouldn't disappear completely, but the ridding of nuclear weapons would give more people a fighting chance), when we'd go off for a visit, we'd stay longer due to the difficulty of travel. We'd eat more organic food!

Jennifer said...

I actually think I'd love to be without technology, as long as I was with you. We should go stay on a farm together!

E @ Scottsville said...

May I just say that I DO NOT WANT TO FIND OUT IF I COULD SURVIVE WITHOUT MY SQUARE HEADED BOYFRIEND?! (that's what I call my computer)

Yea, I'm addicted to technology. I admit it full well!

Cookie said...

That's a tough one. I think our lives now have changed. Before technology the average life expectancy was much lower. And I would suffer from withdrawl. I'm a complete interent addict!

Anonymous said...

Definitely a great thought to ponder. My son is 11 and he wants a cell phone, yet he RARELY uses our house phone to call anyone. Technology is so "normal" now, it is almost like looking back to the Cavemen to think that I had a rotary phone in my house 30 years ago and a party line phone 22 years ago.