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Friday, 10 April 2009

A man's point of view

I have decided I Will start a new weekly post called,
A mans point of view.
I guess that really it is more my point of view on different things.

So I'm just gonna start typing on my points of view and see what comes out.

I guess one thing I feel strongly about is that in England especially there seems to be a let down in the law that lets troublesome teens get away with almost anything. The store I work at has these little rascals come in at least twice a week and regardless of how many times they have caused trouble and been arrested they are back on the street the next day doing the same thing.

they have little regard for anyone or anything past their own existence they are rude to people and vandalise and often terrorise but yet when the police are called they disappear so fast and the police never show up and catch them in the act o they can't do anything and even when the police do get them all they get is a caution. I have heard if some kids getting arrested 8 or 10 times and still are able to go out in to the public and again do the same thing.

I personally believe that the best cure to this would be to bring back national service. I once saw a tv show called bad lads army and it dealt with kids like the ones I write about. They made the trouble causing kids go in to the army for 16 weeks. When these kids had finished the course they had changed dramatically. They had learnt discipline and self respect and respect for others, the transformation was amazing.

and It seems that prison is just becoming a status among youths of today it seems like they want to go their so they have bragging rights with there friends. maybe the service would do two jobs at once. no 1= give the kids a job and good prospects for the future and no 2 = keep them off the streets and out of trouble.

I do think that there are some wonderful kids out there and like always it is just the handful that are the bad ones. I think that they can all have such a great future if they are pointed in the right direction.

This is my point of view the above subject.


Jennifer said...

I thought you made a very good point. They just need something to keep them out of trouble. They're bored, that's why they're getting in trouble, because it's fun to them.

Moannie said...

I wrote a long comment that almost became a rant so have deleted it. You make very good points Wayne, but at the risk of sounding like one of those liberal bleeding hearts I have to say that it is not entirely the fault of the kids.

So much of the blame can be laid at the door of the aforementioned bleeding hearts, who urged permissiveness persuasion and explanation in place of punishment for wrong doing-coupled with lack of parental control-working parents-and too much money to buy every darned thing to ease the guilt of not being around.Judicial slackness,the introduction of 'childrens rights'- which are not a bad thing per se but which have been abused by clever kids. No hard core punishments [like the old Borstals] for youths who truly break the law, and a government that does not want to do the unpopular.
OMIGOD! I'm ranting.

Laurie said...

I love your point of view post and hope you continue to do it. I totally agree with everything you say.... I just don't live in England... Here in the states my biggest pet peeve is the people who drink and drive and get a slap on the wrist and the next thing you know they are back out doing it again and then killing innocent people in their drunken stupor... Makes me so mad! Laws need to change.

Melissa said...

I agree.... and you are right, it seems like now-a-days jail is nothing more than another place for houligans to hang out, fight, do drugs, have "s@x"...but they get to eat & sleep for free.... there HAS to be stricter punishments & consequences!!!