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Saturday, 4 April 2009

What a wonderful day in the USA

What a wonderful day I have had with my Beautiful Jenn.

I guess the day started briefly When I woke up and it was about 4 in th morning and I could hear the rain belting against the window and roof of the motel I am stopping at. In fact it was so loud and heavy it woke me up a few times.

After a hour of drifting between sleep and awake I managed to fall back to sleep and finally wake up at about 10 am. I get a shower and I prepare to open the front door. I expect to see a wet pavement and overcast skies.

When I open the door I see to my surprise that the sky is clear and blue with only a few white clouds scattered in the sky With a nice fresh breeze. Me and Jenn decided that we would go look for the church that we are going to attend on Sunday.

the description that we got was fairly simple just a left and a right and then follow a road for about 5 mile. after a few turns we got on to what could possibly be the strangest and I dare say creepiest road I have ever come across.

The road was long and winding with Forrest on both sides the kind of Forrest that you can see so far in too and you always imagine you can see things moving amongst the trees. To make it even more spooky there was the odd house on the side of the road that was either abandon or burnt down.

We traveled along the road and after about two miles we decided we would turn round and head back. We never found the church we was looking for so we went to a welcome center where a old man told us that if we would have carried on just a few more miles we would have got there.

we had some lunch and decided that we would go to see a musical on stage called Bye bye Birdie and I must admit that when Jenn said musical I wasn't to keen but I went and I had such good fun . The story was so funny and the acting was very good and I would recommend it to anyone.

Later on I went to the local McDonald's and I notice in the corner that the cast of the musical me and Jenn had gone to see were all sat and talking. I walked over and I explained that I was sat in the audience and I loved the show . I thanked them for a wonderful performance and talked with them for a few minutes . I think it was so awsome that i got to talk to the people who had just put on a great show.


Lisa said...

Dear, if you want long, scary, creepy roads, forget Georgia and come to the back roads of Kentucky! LOL Talk about creepy and over grown with trees! Glad it didn't rain on you two today. :)

One Anxious Mommy said...

Sounds like a great day!

Morgan said...

Yay! I'm happy that it didn't rain again. And how funny that the cast of the show was at McDonald's, too!

Jennifer said...

I'm really glad you liked the musical