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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Why do they?

I have been really pondering all week on the questions I am about to ask.

So I will ask them and see what happens
ok here goes.

1 = Why does food always taste better when its on someone else's plate?

2 = If my Jenn is five hours behind my time in England, does that mean I time travel when I fly to see her, am I from the future?

3 = Could they really build the star ship enterprise?

4 = Is there to much pressure on school children these days?

5 = What was the very first broadcast on the television?

6 = If you could know the day you was going to die would you?

7 = How can you use the letters in NEW DOOR to make one word?
Trick question

8 = Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

9 = Are UFOs really top secret planes?

10 = why do they predict the weather for the week ahead when they cant get the next day right?

Well those are my questions for this week.


Jennifer said...

No, you're not from the future, unless you mean are you really old. Yes, you're old ;) Just kidding, I love you!

-stephanie- said...

I laughed at #2.

"One Word" mixed up makes the word "New Door".

No, I would not want to know when I am going to die. I would freak out when the time got nearer.

Pretty deep thoughts there Wayne.

Jillien said...

I love #1! its absolutely true. my mother would always give me her plate of dinner and fix herself another b/c i would say that her's tasted better. I would have NEVER figured #2 out! great job stephanie!