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Saturday, 18 April 2009

A man's point of view

this weeks Man's point of view is a really controversial one

It is

at shopping.

Now every couple of week I go and help my mother do the shopping at the local store and I have noticed quite a lot of things that men and women do differently.
So here are just a few

When a man enters the shopping store and he wants something on aisle 12 he will go straight to aisle 12. Now there could be all kinds of distractions along the way, like magazines that contain all the football results or the first isle could be full of electrical stuff, but not so much as a blink. The man will head straight for the thing he needs and purchase it and then leave.

now the same scenario with a woman they need something on aisle 12 but instead of heading straight there they will stop at every item along the way and even start reading the packets of different items and what gets me is sometimes they even seem to just stand there looking at the prices for maybe 10 minutes before deciding they don't even want the thing and then they will move on , by the time they are at aisle 12 the shopping cart is half full.

now on the down side for a man, me being a man my self is we buy crap that will probably never even be used. Like a spanner kit or a packet of batteries that don't fit anything. it's more a case of he may buy something one day that the batteries will fit.

now women shop and there shopping makes sense, they buy for the house or for the family. they buy things that will be useful like a new set of dishes or something for the house and they do buy a great choice of foods.

I must stick up for men though because I am one.
so in my mind I guess the man while maybe not being the most efficient shopper is the best for speed and getting exactly what is needed.

women are best for getting in for the days ahead so which one is really the better of the two.

my vote is the guys.

got a point of view?.
lets here it in your comment


Jennifer said...

My vote is: from now on whenever we go shopping I'm going to look at the prices extra long for you ;)

Casey's trio said...

Funny post....and I will admit that I like to go to the store and browse the aisles. You have no idea how relaxing it is if we escaped to the store without the kids!

-stephanie- said...

You sure got this right. I cannot go into a store and just get the one thing that I needed. My intentions are to do it, but it never works.

I love what your beautiful Jen had to say. Good one, girl. :o)

Alex the Girl said...

You've nailed this one, and to a tee.

" we buy crap that will probably never even be used"

That is my husband. When we shop together, we end up buying things I wouldn't have dreamed of putting in the grocery cart. But when he does shop, i.e. department store, he shops with a purpose. No offside browsing for him!

Good post, Wayne.