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Sunday, 12 April 2009

Why do they?

I know it has been a while since I last did the Why do they.
I have been busy spending time with my Jenn.
But I have got so many new questions that seem to baffle me.
ones I just cant get my head around so here they are.

1) Who agreed to be the test pilot for the world first parachute?

2) if a ambulance has the lights flashing should it have to stick within the speed limit?

3) how do they figure out where the capital of a country is shouldn't it be in the center?

4) what is full of holes but can hold water?
trick question

5) could they really build a spaceship like the star ships in star trek?

6) should police have the power to sentence?

7) didn't rocky balboa get banned from boxing in part five due to brain damage?

8) how can they call it the funny bone if it isn't funny when you hit it?

9) will there ever be world peace?

10) if Mini is a mouse and Donald is a duck and Pluto is a dog what is goofy?

well there are my questions for this week.


Jennifer said...

3)usually the capitol is in a very strategic position, like on a river or something.
9)no, because unfortunately things are only going to get worse leading up to the day Jesus comes back to earth
10)he's a dog too i believe

Melissa said...

Interesting questions.... I doubt we'll ever see world peace; I do think an ambulance can go over the speed limit, as they may have somebody's life in balance; AND you have me stumped with #4....tell me, tell me!!

-stephanie- said...

#4 a sponge.

I agree about the funny bone. Ouch!