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Saturday, 4 October 2008

Our new son AKA Rodney AKA Killer

We called our new fish Rodney because we went to see a movie just before we got him called Nights in Rodanthe so Rod---anthe =Rodney.

The film was a sweet film, but I'll right about that in my next blog.

Anyways, after the movie we ventured to Wal-mart and went to the pet section of the store. There was like an entire section dedicated to fish. It was like they had there own ocean right there in the store and the male Betta fish even had their own little bowls of water-- kinda like their own little bath tub.

Well we knew we wanted a Betta fish so we began looking at each one of them. There were lots of them and all in different colours. It's kinda funny but the first one we saw was the one we picked, but we still looked through all of them looking for the ideal one. But this one was kinda funny and had personality . At first it was asleep, and then Jenn knocked the bowl and he woke up kinda startled and looked straight at Jenn as if to say "who are you what do you want, can't you see I'm sleeping??" and then just kinda hovered there looking at us and watching our every movement.

We looked at the others quickly and decided to take the one Jenn had woken up. He was perfect and we love his colour-- kinda like a deep ocean blue. We headed back to put him in his new bowl and when we put im in he seemed so happy to have more than a couple of inches to swim in and so me and Jenn had hot dogs while he got used to his new (and much larger) bowl.

About ten minutes later, I go look at him and he's on the bottom just kinda sat there, and I get worried because hes not really moving. So I say to Jenn "is he ok? I'm gonna just touch him to make sure hes ok."

I slowly put my hand in the bowl and move deeper in and then I feel his fin and quick as a flash he turns and bites me. I couldn't believe it! He actually bit me! I mean, we save him from a boring life in a two inch bowl, give him a nice home, and I really big bowl, and when I go to make sure he's alive I get bit!

Well I guess that's gratitude for ya!! But I must admit I fell in love with him and he's a part of the family now.

1 comment:

Jenn said...

that was really funny baby it made me laugh a lot i think you're getting a lot better with your writing.