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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Damn! That's high!

My blog today is all about my trip to see Jenn, which started at 7 pm on Tuesday, the 30th of September, and ended at 12 midnight English time (7 pm US time), on the 1st of October.

By that time, I looked like a crack addict with blood shot eyes and pale skin--basically a zombie and not to mention as per usual there was turbulence on the first flight. I'm sure the pilot tried a barrel roll on landing and I thought I was gonna die. Then there was delay on the second flight by about two hours and by that point I was ready to collapse. But I eventually got on the plane and got to the US in one piece.

The airport, which took me forever to get through last time, took me what seemed like seconds to get through this time. And then it was just a case of waiting for my Jenn since I was about 2 hours earlier than she had been expecting me.

So I sat in the chair where me and Jenn first met, and it was kinda funny because last time I had no idea which entrance she would be coming through. So there I was with my head quickly and constantly turning in the direction of three different entrances wondering which one it would be. I thought, "there's no way she's outsmarting me this time ha ha ha!" Then there she was with the smile on her face-- she had done it again! Oh well, outsmarted again.

She looked as beautiful as ever! I stood up and held my Jenn in my arms. It was the best feeling in the world. I'd made it across the ocean and, 27 hours after the beginning of my journey, i was with my Jenn. It was perfect!

I love my Jenn.

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Morgan said...

Wayne! That was so, so sweet. I think I'm about to cry. I'm so glad that you had a safe trip, and that now you and Jennifer can have a couple of weeks to spend together. I know that you'll enjoy every second of it.