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Wednesday, 8 October 2008

football's and kittycat's

Well this one i suppose shows that no matter how old we get we all have a inner child that every once in a while comes out to play. On monday afternoon Jenn had her second class of the day so i took the opertuinity to go to walmart to see if they had any footballs there so i could maybee use it while i waited for Jenn to finish class. So i walked Jenn to her class and headed in the diretion of Malmart the walk would take me about half a hour and with Jenn's class been a hour and fifty min's that woulld be plenty of time for me to get there and back and still have time to try out my throwing arm. So I get about ten min's away from walmart and i get a text messige from my Jenn saying my class maybe cancelled hurry back so i figure i can still make it there and back just in time if it is cancelled so i send a text back saying ok baby ill be quick. So i quicken my pace and just get to the walmart door when my cell starts to ring i answer and its my Jenn her class was cancelled so i grab a drink and head back to college and when i get there Jenn is waiting for me with some fries that we share. I tell Jenn that i went in to a store there and i was sure that they had sex and the city the movie for sale there and it would be cool if we went and baught it and watched it later and maybe we could get me a football so Jenn agreed and we headed for the car. Well there i was back at walmart again a place id been at only a hour prior so in we went and we headed over to the toy section of the store to look for a ball for me and i guess here was proof if any that wemon are truly better shoppers than men Jenn some how found the ball streight away it would have taken me hours. I sometimes get the feeling that wemon have some kind of a built in radar when it comes to shoppng they seem able to know exactly where any product in the store is its amaizing and here i am trying to look intelligent and trying to make oyut as if i know exactly where to go and after three isles of no luck jenn finds it streight away. With ball in trolly we head to the dvd counter and purchas sex and the city the extended adition and then Jenn says "I think that because you have a toy i should have one too" so back down the isle we go and we pick out a lttle kitty play set for Jenn and in it there is a kittycat a dog and a pegion or is it a budgie im not sure but we hurry to the checkout and head for home. when we get to the motel the first thing we do isnt unpack the shopping or get somthing to eat ooohhhh nnooo we trear open the toy pack and begin to play with our toys and i guess you could say that both our inner children came out and played together and it was awsome and here is a picture of our toys.
Arnt they awsome???

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Jenn said...

thank you so much for buying us SATC The Movie I love it and I love you more than anything!