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Sunday, 5 October 2008

stood on floors of gold

This blog is about mine and Jenn's trip to the Dahlonega museum .

I had wanted to go there for quite some time so we decided we would go take a look today. It was a really small building to say it was a museum but inside it was full of pictures and information about georgia and mainly seemed to be about the gold rush. There were lots of things that the miners would have used and I learnt alot there like how the army forced indians to move on so the people could dig for gold. There was even a movie all about the gold rush and how the mining for gold braught ppl from far and wide to get there claim to any gold that they coud find. It all started by some guy out hunting who fell on a rock and then looked to see what he had stumbled on and guess what it was a gold nugget just sitting there. The movie went on and showed the entire history of the area and then there was a lady who was explaining all about how the building we was in started as a court house where criminals were sentenced to death by hanging or some over nasty way. She went on to explain that there was small pieces of gold in the bricks used to build the place well that was it the first thing i wanted to do was find a hammer and chisel and start chiping away at the bricks i could have maid millions lol. Then as we was walking down some stairs and Jenn said to me "do you know why the stars are built this way"? meaning how steep they were so as a wild guess i said "erm well id guess that thy would throw the bad guy down the stairs in the hope to kill them saving the hang man a job". Jenn said "that was close" then she said they built them like that so they could throw them down the stairs to cause them alot of pain and i said "really"! and Jenn said "i dont know" lol. But anyways all in all it was a good experence and im wiser about dahlonega its a great little town with great people .

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