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Thursday, 30 October 2008

A spooooky blog

I thought It would be fun to do a fictional spooky blog seen as its almost halloween so sit back turn out all the lights and read my blog muuuaahhhh ha ha ha ha ha erm yeah here goes.

First do you know the name of the man who wrote the book called Ghost house the answer is =Hugo first ha ha ha.

A man who Lived all alone in his flat decided It would be a great idea to go out with some of his friends seen as it was halloween so he got on a old torn coat put some makeup on and dressed as a zombie and out he went they had all aranged to meet in a old abandon grave yard just behind a church that hadn't been used in years. so he got there at about eight o'clock and his friends were already there with beer and food and they had got a fire going so it was warm.

They all have a really good time and as the night goes one they all settle around the fire and begin to tell there scary storys. Eventually it cmes to his turn to tell his story so he coughs alittle to clear his throat and begins his spooky tale of how he knew the man who had lived in his flat before him and the reson he had got the flat so cheap was because the man before had gone crazy. aparently concerned friends had been calling the old man for days with no answer
and had gone to his flat to see if there friend was ok and after knocking on the door they had heard him screaming and running through the flat and so that had called the police and when the pulled him out of the flat he had cuts allover him from where he had smashed all the mirrors and was screaming that the devil was in his flat.

apparently he had read a old book that says I
f you were to look in to a mirror at the stroke of midnight on all hallows eve and say the lords prayer backwards that the devil hiself would apear in the mirror and the old man had tryed this and it sent him mad. the man who had just told the story sat and looked at all his friends and bursts out laughing aloud and says "hey you guys Im just made it up Im only joking. His firend all with a shear look of terror on there faces laugh in kind of a humar him laugh.

The man decides its time to go home and he sits
in his flat its only half past eleven at night and the guy is already board so he gets the idea to try out the devil in the mirror thing that the old man before him had tryed after all he was just a crazy old man. the guy gets the only mirror in the house places a andle at ech side of the mirror and turns down the lights the clock strikes twelve midnight the guy begins to say the lords prayer backwords and quickly finishes he opens his eyes and looks in the mirror and laughs there's nothing there just his reflection he goes to grab the candle and drops it he quickly bends down and grabs the burning candle and stands up .

He looks in the mirror and he is instantly paralised to the spot as he relises his reflection is smiling back at him but hes not smiling he rubs his eyes and looks again this time his relections eyes are glowing red and now has long fangs and grey skin the guy runs out of the bathroom and out of his lat and in to the street screaming Its the devil hes in my flat help! people come running out to see whats wrong the all start lookin
g at him and sayi ng "your crazy " the guy relises he was just like the old man before him he was going crazy.

He runs back in to the house and ppicks up a the mirror and throws it on the floor the mirror smashes abut now the guy can hear a evil laugh echo through his mind he runs in to the bedroom locks the bedroom door and lays on the bed and closes his eyes.

The next day a man reads in the paper how police had recoverd a body from a flat the paper was very breif about it but the colum read >>>> A man was recoverd from a flat in south hanslow today and police are investigating the sc
ene and are treating it as a very suspicious murder the body was very badly mutalated and apears to have had three sixes carved in to the chest of the man using a piece of broken mirror if there are any witnesses please come forward.

The end sleep well

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