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Friday, 3 October 2008

Culture shock at the movies.

This blog covers the difference in culture I experienced while at the movies in America.

Firstly, I noticed the seats in the US are far more relaxing than in the UK. The UK ones send your ass numb after about 20 minutes, and you constantly have to change position to stay comfortable, and then you get people looking at you as if you have some major disease. The chairs in the US are so comfortable and welcoming. You sink right into them and can sit quite happily and watcth an entire three-hour movie without ever having to wriggle or change position.

The next thing I noticed was the staff who work there. In the UK they look at you as if you have something on your face and they want to hit it with a fly swatter. In the us they seem a lot more happy to help and are friendly and would do their best to get you what you ask for.

Without a doubt the biggest culture shock is at the end of the movie-- in England, when a movie reaches the end credits, the people just get up and leave as quickly as their little legs will carry them. So when I watched a movie in the US and the end credits came up, I got up to leave, and suddenly everybody starts to clap and applaud. So I thought, "are they clapping for me? am i famous over here?" Then just as I was about to take a bow, it dawned on me they were all looking at the screen. Not one set of eyes was on me. They were clapping and cheering for the movie they had just watched. So feeling like an idiot I quickly sat back down to blend in and started to clap, and believe me when I say I waited until everybody else had left before I even thought about making for the exit.

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