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Monday, 6 October 2008

My own golden georgia

Just the other day me and jenn decided we would walk around the square right after we had been to the museum. There are lots of shops around there and restraunts too including mine and Jenn's favorite italian restraunt thet we go to as much as possible and the bread there is amaizing but the dip they give you to dip in is good but gives me real bad indigestion and then I spend half the night going through gallons of milk to get rid of it then i spend the rest of the night running to the bathroom because my bladder is full from all the milk. Anyway back to the story so me and Jenn are looking in all the stores and we go in to a antique store with lots of old books and old ornimentals so i notice a golden object in the shape of the state of georgia that had its own little bag and for some reason i just cant take my eyes off it. Jenn notices me looking at this thing and she sees it also and then Jenn says to me "would you like it if i baught it for you " and i said "I really like it but it cost alot of money" . Jenn had made up her mind off she runs with georgia in her hand in the direction of the counter and i follow she pays for the item passes it to me and says "There we go now youll always have home with you it was really sweet of her to buy it for me and i love it and i love my Jenn

Its the most amaizing thing ever and i love it and i also took a picture of my Jenn im not the best photographer in the world but im really proud of this one so here it is

1 comment:

Jenn said...

i DO NOT like that picture of me lol but i'm glad that you like it and i'm so happy we are able to put pictures up on our blogs of each other now!