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Monday, 13 October 2008

The day I met Jenn's parents.

Sunday, the 12th of October was the day I met my Jenn's parents for the first time.

Both of her parents work at the church that Jenn is a member of, and the church isn't to far from Jenn's house, but because we were in Dahlonega we had to get up pretty early.

I got up about 20 minutes before Jenn because I needed to have a shave. And we needed to set off early because we both thought it would be good that we go to Wal-mart to get me some new clothing that would be suitable for church.

So-- all shaved and with a new suit-- off we went to meet Jenn's parents. Now have you ever noticed that, when your nervous, things seem to take so long leading up to that point? Or how when you know something is going to make you nervous, everything seems to speed up to get you to that point? It's really strange how that works, don't you think? Well it usually takes Jenn about an hour to get to her house, but all the roads where clear of traffic, so it only took about 40 minutes.

The second I saw the church, the nerves really hit me. We got there twenty minutes early, so all we could do was sit in Jenn's car and let the nervous feeling take hold.

Finally it was time to head into church, so out of the car we get and walk slowly towards the entrance. Now inside the church, I feel myself wanting to look in all directions at once to see if I could see Jenn's parents, but there was no one around. So, with Jenn leading I follow her down the corridor, and I can hear voices coming from a room and the door is open but we walk straight past so I figure they're not in that room-- but me being nosy, I look anyway and I'm sure I see Jenn's dad-- and he looks back at me. But Jenn keeps going, so I follow her.

We eventually come upon a room with people in it getting changed into choir outfits, and I remember Jenn telling me that her mom leads the choir, so I knew for sure that Jenn's mother was one of the people in this room. We headed to the back of the room and to a lady that was arranging papers, and with the way Jenn headed towards her I knew this lady was Jenn's mother. Turning around she sees Jenn and says, "hi Jenn,"and gives her a hug.

Now comes my part-- Jenn says, "Mom, I'd like you to meet Wayne." Jenn's mom turns and looks at me kinda with the who's-this-man-with-my-daughter eyes. She says, "Hi I'm Lynette, how are you?" I respond with "I'm good thank you. My name is Wayne."

Jenn's mom turns back and looks at Jenn and says "so are you to together, or together-together?" And Jenn says were together-together, and so they talked for a few more minutes, and then me and Jenn headed in to the sanctuary.

I had to ask Jenn, so I say, "so, how do y0u think it went?" And Jenn says, "I'm not sure, but I feel sick". I still felt nervous because I think that I was kinda more worried about meeting her dad, but Jenn said to me that I had nothing to worry about. I couldn't help but look around the church just in case Jenn's dad was there, but he worked in the sound room and after a while I could see him in there pressing different buttons and before long the service was over and Jenn stands up and we are on our way to the room that I had seen Jenn's dad in.

This was it-- my nerves were at their peek-- so with Jenn leading the way, I get ready to meet her dad. Jenn stops at the door to the room where her dad is. The door is already open, and there is Jenn's dad. Jenn says, "hi Dad there's someone I want you to meet." I hold out my hand and say, "hi I'm Wayne how are you?" He shakes my hand and says" hi i'm David, it's nice to meet you, too."

Straight away my nerves disappear. They are both really nice people. Jenn talks with her dad for a few more minutes, and then me and Jenn head out to the car. It seems the plan is that we are all going to a Mexican resautrant.

Now the really strange-- and at the same time, funny-- thing is that me and Jenn had left her mom and dad at the church, and I'm pretty sure we had a good head start, so when we get to the restaurant who's there looking like they had been sat there at least 10 minutes? Jenn's mom and dad! I don't know how they did it, but they had somehow gotten ready, got in the car, overtaken us, and were seated before me and Jenn had got to the restaurant.

We all sit together and eat and talk for a while. Lots of questions are asked and answered, such as where I came from, how did me and Jenn meet, and I really think it went well and I seemed to get on well with them both.

After the restaurant, it was on to Jenn's parents' house, and when we got there guess what? Jenn's mom and dad had beat us again!

So in we went. The house was amazing-- the kitchen looked great, the living area was amazing, it could possibly be defined as perfect! We sat down for a while and talked some more and me and Jenn's dad went on the Nintendo Wii, and I really enjoyed the games we played. He even showed me different little tricks on the games and I thought it was really cool that he was taking the time to show me these things. Jenn and her mom sat down and looked at pictures while me and her dad played games.

It was a really perfect day and I do think it was one of the happiest days of my life. I felt accepted by them and that really made me happy. We even sat down and watched the football game together and talked about the action in the game and I loved it.

But eventually it was time to go, so I shook their hands and said good-bye to them. Me and Jenn got in the car and headed back to Dahlonega. So all in all, it was an amazing day for me, and I can't wait to see Jenn's parents again someday soon.

I really had a wonderful day with them!!

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Jenn said...

I was so so so proud of how you handled meeting my parents. And I'm really happy that we saw them together that day. It was really nice.
Love you,