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Monday, 20 October 2008

Comand and Conquer.

This blog is about the game I got while I was in the US. It's a really good game, so I thought I would write about it after every mission I complete. So here goes...

Command and Conquer mission: day one.

Before the game begins, some guy dressed up like a General tells me I've just gotten back from vacation.. Then he goes on to say that it's back to business. Apparently a rebel force that call themselves the "Brotherhood of Nod" are trying to invade Europe and are a real problem. He wants me to deal with them, so my orders are to sneak in with a small task force and secure the beach for the main forces-- so I'm thinking "oh great, just chuck me in at the deep end, thanks a lot pal!"

The next thing I know, I'm on a beach with about six men and a mobile construction site. Destroyers are giving cover fire from the ocean, and there are men with big guns firing at me and my squad (of complete cowards who seem happy to run for the hills and leave me here to poop myself all alone). So I get the mobile costruction site to unload, and begin to build a power generator, and as my men look at each other like they have just pooed their pants, the enemy troops start coming in in waves. I give the order to hold our ground and protect the mobile construction site-- if I were to lose that, the mission would be over and id be up creek without a paddle! So my men dig in and hold on.

Next, I build an army barracks. Then I can see the option for more men, so i hit the button like a mad man! I'm waiting for it, and as the counter reaches zero I get so excited-- I think, "this is it, men are gonna come poring out of my barracks and I'm gonna overrun the beach in seconds." I hear a voice saying "training complete," and to my shock one man comes out-- that's it! man standing there as if to say "what do Oneyou want?" Great, I'm gonna take over the world with one man who has little more than a pea shooter for a gun!

Then I see I have funding-- lots of funding! So now I can get lots more men! *ha ha ha ha* They're gonna get it now!

I build a massive army, raid the beach, and still get home in time for cornflakes ;) I win my first mission!!!!

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