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Friday, 10 October 2008


Jenn and I had just been shopping in Wal-mart and were about to leave when we noticed a claw machine (you know one of those machines where you control a crane with the joystick and press the button to send the crane down to grab a toy?).

I said to Jenn "What do you say we give it a try?" Jenn agreed, so we put a couple of quarters in the machine and I take control of it. I move the crane, and ask Jenn which one she would like. I line up the crane grabber and press the button the crane goes down and looks like it has a firm grip on the toy in question. I'm just waiting for the grabber to close around the toy and pull it up and drop it in the hatch. The crane comes back up, and the grabber doesn't close straight away-- it only starts to close as the toy is out of its grasp!

We decided to try again. This time Jenn starts shouting "LEFT NO MORE LEFT DUH RIGHT, LOOK YOUR DOING IT WRONG!!!!!!" We eventually agree on a spot, and down goes the grabber. Still no luck, and after another eight quarters, out come the one dollar bills.

So with one last attempt, we line it up over a Stitch cartoon toy with a red top. I press the button and down goes the crane. This time it gets a great angle on the toy! I hit the button again and the grabber closes firmly around the toys head. Up and out comes the toy!!!! Down the hatch he drops, so Jenn goes diving in after him and pulls out the toy that just cost us seven dollars and she straight away says hes ugly (but she loves him).

With the toy we just won it spurs us on to try again. We try for all the different ones, but in the end the second toy was another Stitch with a yellow top and flight goggles on.

So Jenn keeps the first, and I keep the second. In the end it cost us twelve dollars, but we got two toys and had a lot of fun getting them!!!!

1 comment:

Jenn said...

I really love the Stitch doll you won for me AND the Shrek Baby doll that you won. Whenever I hold them it's like I'm holding you. And you remember that when you're holding you're stitch doll, too, ok?