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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

The cats of the family

I thought It was about time I wrote a blog about the five cats that I live with I have been chasing them around the house most of the day trying to get pictures of them all to put on this blog so I hope who ever reads this blog like's the pic's I run the equivelant of a marathon to get them so here goes.
This one is Sophie, the first cat we got out of the five and the diva out of them all we think she is the oldest by about a year and she spends most of her time pinning down the younger cats and cleaning them or sleeping. She has been known to have the ocasional spurt of energy every now and then and is probably the most inteligent of them all. she always responds when her name is shouted and seem's to have a mothering nature especially towards Polly.

This one is Sugar the second oldest and the first in command she is without a doubt the alpha cat amongst them. Sugar is very sweet natured towards any humans and has amaizing green eyes and she loves to sit on anyones knee even strangers and she sheds quite alot so if you are wearing black beware!. Sugars absalute favorite thing in the world is sleep I have known her to sleep all day long and she loves her biscuits she wont let any of the other cats near her food and once she is setteled good luck on moving her she can be quite a bully towards the other cats but all in all is very sweet.

Ok here is Daisy posibly the worlds most clumbsy cat she is the only cat I know that can fall over while she is sat down and as you can see by the picture she has to negotiate coming down stairs very carfuly stoping to think about where to place the next paw. she tries to be a lady about it by looking around first to make sure no one sees her been clumbsy but its just no good so sorry Daisy no rock climbing in your near future .

This one is Melissa one of two sisters and very mardy if she dosn't have her way and the most vocal of all the cats she will walk around the house at night meowing none stop and as loud as she can. youve no doubt heard of the cats chior well meet the loudest member she is very sweet in nature and loves her sister and is mine and Jenn's adopted daughter I have a radio controll helecopter that I use to wind her up with and she loves playing with it and when I turn it of and put it away well thats it all you hear is MMMMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! non stop. she loves to sit on my knee .

Ladys and gentlemen boys and girls meet polly the youngest of all five cats and without a doubt the world's biggest windup merchant her hobbies are winding up sugar, getting Daisy mad and making her fall over and looking after her sister Melissa. She is such a cheeky cat and somewhat of a extreem sports cat she loves running through the house with Sugar in hot pursuit and running up the walls over the couch through the hallway in to the kitchen steel afew of Sugars buscuits and away she goes. Sugar can't stand her and Polly always finds new and impresive wasy to piss Sugar off. Polly is such a clown and always makes me laugh.

So there you have it a small profile on all the cats I hope you enjoyed reading.

Goodnight from all the cats


Jenn said...

very cute baby i loved the pictures of them and i think you described them all very well!

Morgan said...

As usual, that one made me laugh! I loved getting to know all of your cats. They all have such unique personalities. Oh, and I also noticed the new look of your blog. I love it!