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Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Expirence of flying.

I wanted to write this blog just to reflect on my experience of flying.

I have been on a plane
12 times in total now and have traveled something in the region of 36000 miles, and so far I haven't had even one flight without turbulence. The first time I ever boarded a plane it was with American Airlines and probably one of the scariest experiences of my life. The first time I felt turbulence I thought I was gonna die! I have to say though my best experience so far has to be with KLM Dutch Airways.
I have no idea what KLM stands for, and I don't speek a word of Dutch, so I guess it's lucky for me the staff understands English! The first time I found out what turbulence really was I was aboard a KLM jet. Just like the one in the picture, we were cruising through the sky and everything was going well, then I noticed the plane starting to rock ever so slightly. The next thing I know, I'm on a roller coaster with wings! I can feel the plane going up then down, left then right-- and then the seat belt signs come on and I think "this is it, I'm gonna die!" Then there's some old woman sat across from me saying the Lord's Prayer, and that makes me feel so much better-- as I look out the window to see the wing bending and flapping like a pigeon's wing. Then as fast as it started the turbulence stopped and everything seemed fine. For the rest of the flight it was an amazing flight and there were some truly spectacular views.

It's just like I said to my Jenn how I love and hate the airport-- I love it because it's the place that brings me to her, but at the same time I hate it because it's the place I have to go to get back to England. I do love to fly on a plane even if sometimes I think the wing will fall of or something silly like that .

It is this things that brings me to my Jenn, and I am so grateful to them! I can't wait to get on the next one that will bring me safe to my Jenn. I love her so much!

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