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Thursday, 9 October 2008

Nonstop rain.

I think today was the most I have ever seen it rain in the US, I mean the stuff never stopped. Do clouds ever run out of rain? But anyway... apart from all the rain, it was another perfect day with my Jenn.

As I said in my last blog, I discovered Wendy's fast food restaurant, which was really good by the way. It's kind of a cool story about how we came to eat there. First, Jenn had class, so we drove in her car to the college. Because of all the rain it seemed like everyone had thought to themselves, "I know, I'll take my car and stay dry." So thanks to that, there were no parking spots in the car park. The only place available was the thirty-minute parking. So I walked Jenn to her class and grabbed a bottle of Coca Cola and waited in the car. I turned the key in the ignition so the CD player came on and I was listening to the Abba musical. I must admit, I could feel my head starting to go with the music (maybe a leg started as well). I may have gotten carried away, and started to dance a little. Before I knew it, it was time to pick up Jenn from class, so out in to the rain again armed with Jenn's umbrella and to her class where after waiting for a few minutes there was my Jenn. Now the plan was we would head to our Italian restaurant in the square and then on to the glass blowers place and get some more grab bags to add to our collection. But it seems that plan would take a drastic turn. Now out of the rain and in Jenn's car Jenn puts the key in the ignition and turns and instead of the normal sound that the car makes, there is a sound that can only be described as someone putting a sheet of paper in a fan. Straight away I think I killed the car by listening to the CD player-- kinda death by stereo. So after several attempts to start the car, we make a call and get through to the campus police who come out to jump the car. They ask if we can stand outside the car so they know where we are. Standing out in the rain again waiting for some guy to jump the car battery and holding the umbrella I'm looking in all directions to see if I can see the man coming to help. Without a sign of him, I go wait in the car to stay dry and warm. Then Jenn says to me "just our look you get in the car and he will drive straight past" Then i notice a big white van just rolling past it was the man that was coming to fix the car! I jumped out and run after the van and eventually catch up and drag him back to the car where he quickly gets us up and running again. So now instead of going to our Italian restaurant, we head for the auto parts car repair place where they quickly discover the car battery is dead and charge eighty dollars for another one. Then I see Wendy's and ask Jenn what it's like, and she tells me about how nice it is so we decide to head there after the car was fixed.

After Wendy's we headed for the glass blowing place and while Jenn waits in the car, I run in and get five grab bags and pay (the shop keeper, who remembered me from the other day, says "aahhh back for more eh you got one yesterday and back for more that's the usual way it works"). I get back to the car and we can't wait to open our bags to see what's inside we were like kids at Christmas and we got five awesome little animals-- a swan, an elephant, a crab, a humming bird, and a duck. Here's a picture of them...

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Jenn said...

I'm really thankful for all of these things that you bought for us and I ADORE the glass rose and turtle doves that you bought for me. The little glass objects look perfect set around it!